Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The 81st legislative session is under way.

Hello all! My Name is Trevor Rice and I have been recently appointed to be AYR's Legislative Director. It is an honor and a privilege to lead y'all through the 81st legislative session. My first priority is going to be relaying to y'all what is going on each week in the Texas Legislator. I will be doing this in a couple of ways. First, I will be writing on this blog a couple of times every week. Second, I will be following certain legislation that I believe the Young Republicans would be interested in and reporting via email news letter. Lastly, I have a twitter page that I will try to use as much as possible during session hours. For those of you that are not familiar with twitter just go to and you will be directed to my page. During Important legislation I will try to give information as soon as it happens using Twitter. As a point of information I work for the Texas House but do not really want to go into detail due to the fact that I have to work with people of both parties daily, and would not want to step out of bounds in any way with regard to my position in the House and with my position in AYR. I have a general idea of some legislative topics that I want to follow this session but please reply to this post or email me at to give me any suggestions, advice or just to talk about policy issues. I cannot effectively give y'all reports if you do not tell me what you would like me to report on. Now with that out of the way lets talk a little politics.

Wed. 28
State of the State address by Governor Rick Perry.
One this one instead of me writing about it I would like to direct your attention to and read his last 2 post about the State of the State address.

Thurs. 29
The House Rules were debated and adopted today ending with adjournment at about 6:30pm. Making the total rules debate time 7 hours and 30 min. Some speculated that the Craddick R's and the Demarcates were going to test Straus's ability to be speaker today during the debate but no such test occurred. In my mind the biggest rule change occurred when the house voted 87-60 requiring only a majority of the House to remove the Speaker. Also today rules were put into place to downsize the number of standing committees in the house.

I am going to try to end every blog with a question to try and spark debate and conversation. Since this is my first post I am just going to ask what issues would you most like me to follow during the 81st legislative session?


  1. I really think Property Tax Relief will be a huge issue this session. Along with Voter ID.

  2. Teacher pay raise.