Thursday, February 19, 2009

Fred Hill: From Local Ways & Means to City Lobbyist

The following article by exposes former Representative Fred Hill for seeking out city lobby contracts while still representing his constituents.  

Here is a portion: 

"Critics of the revolving door say voters and taxpayers are unable to tell when lawmakers stop thinking like lawmakers and start thinking like someone on the hunt for a job. And in Hill’s case – like many others who have waltzed through the revolving door – he went hunting for work from entities that had much to gain or lose from the actions on his committee: local governments.

Hill began thinking about a lobbying job in the months before he left the legislature. He announced around the middle of last year that he wouldn’t seek re-election. He registered his firm, a limited liability corporation called Solutions for Local Control, with the Secretary of State’s office on Nov. 20, records show."

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