Wednesday, March 11, 2009

More Porky Wasteful Spending. Oink!

The Omnibus Bill passed.

62-35 cloture vote.

3 Dem no votes: McCaskill, Feingold, Bayh

8 GOP yes votes: Cochran, Wicker, Bond, Murkowski, Alexander, Shelby, Specter, Snowe.

With this vote the Congress definitively FAILED to seize the opportunity to show that it was serious about a return to any kind of fiscal discipline or meaningful earmark reform. These 8 Republicans put pork over principle, as did almost all the Democrats. The 3 Democrats who broke with Reid deserve credit for actually following through on their public statements and voting no.

Obama is set to sign a notoriously pork-filled bill –the so-called “omnibus” or “porknibus” bill, stuffed with at least $7.7 billion of wasteful pork-barrel earmarks, including such vital national priorities as swine odor research in Iowa and Harry Reid’s beloved Las Vegas Natural History Museum.

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