Friday, March 6, 2009

Obama and His Numbers

Today the unemployment rate hit 8.1 %,
as employers eliminated 651,000 jobs.

Just another sign of the Obama administrations lack
of understanding and direction for our economy. But are these numbers really any surprise?

We have watched this president sellout his message of “hope” for the message of fear. The “Chosen One” recently decreed that our country would face “catastrophe” if the American people didn’t step and fetch for his recent spending bills. Even though most reputable economists have stated his plans will not have any immediate effect.

Obama in his partisan attempt to claim a “victory” has ignored Republican plans which would truly stimulate our economy. Now with Obama’s doom and gloom attitude, people’s fears are being reflected in the economy.

The American people are now clearly showing buyers remorse. Obama spoke change and prosperity, only to usher in one of the most astonishing power grabs for bigger government ever seen.

However, as a flag barer for the American people, the Senate Republicans are holding the line. We can appreciate their efforts to reign in this rogue President and his wasteful spending…worse, his dangerous vision for our country.

In response to the latest numbers, Obama answered:


That’s not change, just more of the same.


  1. "Even though most reputable economists have stated his plans will not have any immediate effect."

    Then that means that the 8.1% unemployment rate and 651,000 further job losses aren't a result of the current administration's policy, but that of the previous one. One led by a Texas Republican.

    Oh, the hypocrisy.

  2. Obviously that was meant as positive effect, but then again, if Obama were to just keep his mouth shut things would be better for the economy.

    The bottom line is that Obama's economic policies have done nothing but scare away investment and business from investing more into the economy, if he supported pro-growth policies we wouldn't be in this mess.