Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Austin Young Republicans to deliver more than 200+ Voter ID petitions to Texas Legislature on Tuesday

AUSTIN — Members of the Austin Young Republicans organization plan to deliver more than 200 petitions in support of the Texas Voter I.D. bill (SB 362) to Texas House members on Tuesday.

The AYRs collected the signatures during a weekend-long online campaign beginning Friday, April 3. In three days, more than 200 Texans signed the petition supporting the bill, which requires a form of state-issued identification in order to vote.

“We hope these signatures send a strong message to our legislature that Texans want security at the ballot box,” said Scott Specht, AYR president. “We support this measure because it would put an end to voter fraud practices that are truly a form of disenfranchisement for ordinary citizens. It would be nice to know that each vote cast represents the opinion of a living, breathing resident of Texas.”

Studies have shown that voters across the income and racial spectrum support voter identification requirements. A 2005 bipartisan federal commission headed by former President Jimmy Carter and former Secretary of State James Baker found that voters in nearly 100 democracies use a photo ID card without fear of their rights being infringed upon. Eighteen of the 21 members of the commission – including President Carter – supported photo ID requirements for U.S. elections.

“This is an issue that – outside of the confines of the legislature – receives bipartisan support,” Specht said. “Hopefully, our elected officials will support their constituents and choose to pass this common-sense bill.”

To view the petition text, please visit: www.austinyr.com/templates/austinyr15/voterid.html



  1. I'm so proud of everyone that helped out with this effort!!

    Some liberal Reps are claiming that there is no desire for Voter ID in Texas - I think we definitely proved them wrong today!

  2. I wasn't able to attend on the lawn, but I wore red all day in support for this bill! I knew Texans were smart!!

  3. The Rising Republicans! That is what I like to hear...

    Ryan Dixon