Wednesday, April 8, 2009

How are our US Senators voting on our behalf in Washington?

The results are surprising.

While, Senator John Cornyn is doing an amazing job protecting our tax dollars; Senator Kay Bailey Hutchinson is a completely different story.

Here are their votes on some key fiscal votes (Click on title to view votes):

Kay Bailey Hutchison: Nay
John Cornyn: Yea

Kay Bailey Hutchison: Nay
John Cornyn: Yea

What is KBH thinking?? I thought our conservative leadership was supposed to be fiscally responsible with our hard-earned money!

We don't need to be funding more bailouts with public funds. And, we are in desperate need of Earmark Reform. Our elected officials should watch out for our interests as taxpayers.

Kay Bailey Hutchison has also voted to raise taxes through the massive expansion of S-CHIP (Just another gateway to socialized healthcare) and managed to slip in $150M + of pork into the FY2009 Omnibus.

We need to hold our conservative leadership accountable for such actions.


  1. Even worse, if you contact her to call her on it, you do NOT get a response....Better watch her

  2. Wow, that's truly disappointing. Whatever happened to "constituent services"?